Holiday City Package

Your Ad will appear in all 11 communities!

If Holiday City your target market, this is the plan for your business.

We cover all 9 communities (including the Silver Ridges) and we've bundled them together to make it easier for you.

As you can see from the prices below, you will also receive a very nice discount.


Carefree Community
Holiday City Berkeley
Holiday City South
Holiday City West
Holiday Heights
Holiday City Silverton (Phase 1)
Holiday City Silverton (Phase 2)
Silver Ridge Park East
Silver Ridge Park North
Silver Ridge Park West
Silver Ridge Park Westerly


Quarter Page B/W - $757
($113 savings)

Quarter Page Full Color - $1104
($135 savings)

Half Page B/W - $1135
($150 savings)

Half Page Full Color - $1483
($222 savings)

Full Page B/W - $1877
($280 savings)

Full Page Full Color - $2399
($358 savings)

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